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About Us


We take pride in providing PPE to Covid-19 Frontliners and Professional Health Care Providers.We are a PPE supplier based in Southbay, California.

iKonscious started with a simple vision - to make the world a better place. We are committed to being kind and setting a good example for others, which is why we have masks for sale. Wearing masks shows kindness and compassion, which is at the heart of our mission at iKonscious.

Coronavirus pandemic has changed a little for some, and a lot for others. iKonscious is here to support you and spread a message of unity and warmth. Simple things like washing hands, wearing masks, and supporting others is a small way to make a substantial change, and we are dedicated to this goal.

Our PPE and masks for sale are our way of giving back to you and the world. iKonscious All it takes are small acts of goodness to make a sizable impact. If you can help one person, you have supported a million.